Moving to our own Offices

Oxygen Team in new Offices

Oxygen is growing very fast. We started in 2019. Back then with only 3 people passionate about the insurance sector with the common ambition to transform it together, towards more efficiency and more client centricity.
Anno 2022 we are more than 40 enthusiasts (& counting) and so it was about time to… move!

At the beginning of June, we moved into our brand new offices.
And, although they are really nearby (proof in the video), it still meant a lot of organisation and cooperation.

Congratulations to the whole team for making it such a huge success! 💪👏

Please feel free to visit our offices “live” and have a nice coffee with us.

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Ready for some Oxygen for your insurance company? (Also: we’re hiring) Today’s insurers feel pressure on several fronts: dealing with IT evolutions, higher customer expectations and changing regulatory frameworks are but a few of the sector’s core challenges. That’s why we are proud to announce the launch of Oxygen.