Oxygen in the press – “The offer you can’t refuse”

If you missed our Oxygen webinar “The offer you can’t refuse” by Steven Van Belleghem, don’t worry! A great summary was published in the magazine “De Verzekeringswereld” / “Monde de l’assurance”.

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Dutch Version
French Version

Do you wish to (re-)watch the webinar? Click here.

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How Big Data can save the insurance world

‘Big Data‘ refers to the emergence of extremely large data sets marked by the ‘three Vs’: velocity, variety and volume. This is inextricably linked to analytics programs, and is already used in many industries to analyze behavior as well as to make predictions, for instance in stock markets and consumer decisions.




A new partnership is born : Harmoney teams up with life insurance domain expert Oxygen

Blending best-of-breed digital compliance technology with insurance domain knowledge, Belgian financial services firms Harmoney and Oxygen are joining forces to support life insurance providers in their digital and customer-centric transformations.




Happy 2022 everyone!

Oxygen wishes you a safe & successful 2022!

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