The making of our corporate movies


Who else than our own people can tell you the story of Oxygen?

Because we all work with great passion and enthousiasm and really believe that we can and will transform the insurance sector, together.

We used no script and let our people just tell you how they feel about Oxygen and about working here. They are our best ambassadors, because they speak from the heart and honestly.

Big thank you to all of them!

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AI in insurance: science fiction or the next big thing?

Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the emerging technologies that is part of the so-called ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ (along with augmented reality, Big Data, ‘everything as a service’, 5G and more). In the most narrow sense, no one has achieved true AI yet, which would be the creation of an artificial consciousness capable of or exceeding human intelligence and self-awareness.




Oxygen Boost Challenge

2022 was all about health and sport. Mens Sana in Corpore Sano.




People fail forward to success

Failure is a great teacher, though many people fear failure. Our self-esteem is often tied to our achievements, and failures can dent this self-esteem or can cause us to feel our value is lowered in the eyes of our peers.  However, failure can be a skill – one of the first lessons in many types of martial arts is how to fall down properly. Unfortunately, most business classes don’t teach this skill.