Koen Vanmarcke

Koen is an experienced business analyst with an actuarial background and over 25 years of experience in Belgian Life insurance companies. Throughout his career, Koen has actively contributed to the transformation of the sector. Always with a great passion and excellent work ethics.

“I was introduced to Oxygen by a colleague who was full of praise for them. What immediately struck me was that I was dealing with people who know what they are talking about, who already have a lot of experience in insurance. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised by the personal contact and genuine interest. Due to their many contacts in the insurance world, they were able to find a perfect match for me.”

“Oxygen is a young and dynamic company and you can feel that in everything. After starting at the client, they do everything they can to guide and help you as best as possible, through meetings with Oxygen colleagues, training courses, personal conversations, small gifts, …”