Sebastiaan Daemen

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Sebastiaan Daemen is an experienced insurance consultant with expertise in both operations (claims management) and projects.

He started his career at Fidea where he has built experience in claims management, training and fraud detection. Since 2015 he has been active as an insurance consultant doing projects in both non-life and life (mainly Employee Benefits & HealthCare). Sebastiaan joined Oxygen in October 2019.

“After some experience in consulting and insurance, I came into contact with Oxygen. A group of ambitious professionals who want to support the insurance sector in these challenging and fast-moving times of innovation and disruption. I’m convinced that I can provide an added value to the mission of Oxygen, and by extent, the insurance sector. I highly value the constructive and open culture of communication and co-operation.”

Sebastiaan prefers to spend his spare time with his wife and two children. When he’s in need of some real oxygen, you can find him on the golf-course.