Oxygen dans la presse - "Deux start-up belges au chevet de la transformation du secteur des assurances."

The new partnership between Oxygen and TeRoCo combines in-depth insurance knowledge with a range of high-tech solutions. In this way we can continue to strive for a further transformation of the insurance sector towards greater customer focus and efficiency.

Discover everything about the new partnership between Oxygen and TeRoCo in the following articles:

TeRoCo en Oxygen slaan de handen in elkaar om verzekeringsmarkt te transformeren – KMO insider (Dutch)

Twee Belgische start-ups steken handje toe bij de transformatie van de verzekeringssectorDigimedia (Dutch)

Deux start-up belges au chevet de la transformation du secteur des assurances– Digimedia (French)

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Embedded insurance in P2P business platforms – THE TIME IS NOW

La banalisation de l'internet rapide et des smartphones a rendu possible toute une série de nouveaux produits financiers de consommateur à consommateur ou 'peer-to-peer' (P2P). L'assurance et l'insurtech ne sont pas en reste. L'économie du partage a à la fois ouvert de nouvelles voies pour les produits d'assurance et a donné naissance à de nouvelles niches qui demandent réellement ce type de produits.




Forget Your Weaknesses. Play to Your Strengths.

What are you good at and what do you like most about your job? Oxygen focuses on peoples strengths and on learning, instead of shortcomings. In that way, we succeed in matching talent and assignments effectively.




Getting results-oriented teamwork right

A decade ago, the results-only or results-oriented work environment (ROWE) began making waves in HR departments. Its core principle is to judge people on results rather than hours worked. Results-oriented teamwork is a little different and somewhat more complex, but its goal is similar – to create a work environment that lets people excel instead of getting them bogged down in procedure, politics and activities that don’t advance the organization in any meaningful way.