Oxygen goes Wild (Trails)

Oxygen goes Wild (Trails)

15-16/09 the entire team went for a 2 days retreat in Jupille, La Roche en Ardennes. We really had a blast!

  • Teambuilding exercises to boost the Team Spirit with @BertBleyen
  • So much fun together, getting to know each other in a very different way
  • Delicious food & drinks
  • A real Oxygen Party with our very own DJ @GianniRuiz
  • Daring sportive activities @WildTrails (Death ride, Water rope course, Via Ferrata, …)
    Challenge of the fire brigade (we ended up in the top 10 of all companies! )

At Oxygen our core tagline is “Transforming insurance. TOGETHER”.

We are one team. After this weekend even more.

It is so nice to feel all that positive energy and willingness to be help each other and push one another to a (literally) higher level.

This 2’40 after movie shows a glimpse of how amazing this weekend was. Enjoy.

#Oxygen #OneTeam #TransformingInsuranceTogether #Teambuilding #WildTrails

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Oxygen vous souhaite une bonne année !

Oxygen vous souhaite une bonne année !




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