Happy 2022 everyone!

Oxygen wishes you a safe & successful 2022!

As we steadily continue to grow, our team expands with a lot of competent and extremely qualified new colleagues. Or should we say “family members”. #oneteam #bigfamily

In 2021 we were very proud to welcome not less than 14 crackerjacks: Karen, Koen, Ann, Camil, Sam, Tom, Kristof, Marian, Aeron, Lars, Thomas, Gianni, Yannick & Kristel in our team. And to start 2022, we’re thrilled to be onboarding Karen & Laura!

Who’s next? Because we won’t stop thriving towards new challenges and projects.

We have loads of new ideas, innovations and projects to look forward to and cannot wait to share them with you.

Happy New Year!


Other news




How Big Data can save the insurance world

‘Big Data‘ refers to the emergence of extremely large data sets marked by the ‘three Vs’: velocity, variety and volume. This is inextricably linked to analytics programs, and is already used in many industries to analyze behavior as well as to make predictions, for instance in stock markets and consumer decisions.




AI in insurance: science fiction or the next big thing?

Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the emerging technologies that is part of the so-called ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ (along with augmented reality, Big Data, ‘everything as a service’, 5G and more). In the most narrow sense, no one has achieved true AI yet, which would be the creation of an artificial consciousness capable of or exceeding human intelligence and self-awareness.




It’s a wrap : our new website is live!

Shortly after we turned two years old, our renewed website went live. A new website with personalised footage is part of our ambitious growth plan and further professionalization of the company.