Happy 2022 everyone!

Oxygen wishes you a safe & successful 2022!

As we steadily continue to grow, our team expands with a lot of competent and extremely qualified new colleagues. Or should we say “family members”. #oneteam #bigfamily

In 2021 we were very proud to welcome not less than 14 crackerjacks: Karen, Koen, Ann, Camil, Sam, Tom, Kristof, Marian, Aeron, Lars, Thomas, Gianni, Yannick & Kristel in our team. And to start 2022, we’re thrilled to be onboarding Karen & Laura!

Who’s next? Because we won’t stop thriving towards new challenges and projects.

We have loads of new ideas, innovations and projects to look forward to and cannot wait to share them with you.

Happy New Year!


Other news




Embedded insurance in P2P business platforms – THE TIME IS NOW

The commodification of fast Internet and smartphones have made a whole new host of consumer-to-consumer or peer-to-peer (P2P) finance products possible. Insurance and insurtech are not remaining behind. The sharing economy has both opened up new avenues for insurance products and has resulted in new niches that actually demand these kinds of products.




Moving to our own Offices

Oxygen is growing very fast. At the beginning of June, we moved into our brand new own offices. Click to watch the short movie of our moving day.




Oxygen for thought – inspiration for action

Steven Van Belleghem has always inspired us. Our vision fits perfectly with  his guiding principle of the combination between customer-oriented thinking, the latest technologies and the human dimension. Oxygen wants to transform insurance. Together.