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Oxygen allows insurers and brokers to become

This enables you to become better prepared for a constantly changing business and technology field and get ahead of the curve. We manage and execute projects in IT, management as well as process optimization, all according to proven and innovative industry methods.

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Business architecture

Improve IT systems

Optimize processes


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Transforming insurance. Together

Our tailormade approach

We support you from 4 Service Lines

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Project Consulting

Oxygen Project Consulting infuses your transformation projects with a breath of fresh air. Our specialized project consultants think along with you and keep turnaround times short. As experts in their field, they can be the key factor in achieving your project goals. They can wear many hats within many different project roles, they can function as your sparring partner or they can join your steering committee.

Which projects?

Which roles?


Our project consultants and managers feel great zeal for the insurance sector. Through their hands-on mentality, professional support and permanent training, they have what it takes to help guide your project to a successful conclusion.


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Business Solutions

For Oxygen Business Solutions, your challenge is always our starting point. We take the reins and offer you a total solution. Until it works. Both your customers and your colleagues will find it improves their life.
We take into consideration all dimensions: strategy, products, organization, process and systems. We engage new technologies where possible to give you an extra oomph. Your teams will also get the necessary attention from our ‘together approach’. Collaboration and consultation are our keys to success.

Stepping stones


We work with a flexible project team consisting of impassioned experts, led by genuine industry mavens. Who have a lot of miles on the clock.


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Operations Support


Optimizing your processes and transforming your approach as an insurer? This will greatly impact your colleagues: your project team as well as your forces on the work floor. They need to buy in completely to achieve success. Their input is crucial. Our insurance consultants can bridge your current and your new situation.


Transformation puts high demands on your operations. They give input to the project team, they test and they do double duty. At the same time, their everyday processes continue and customers expect the same service. Use Oxygen as an extra lung and engage our people where you can count on them: driven case managers and team leaders who have earned their stripes.

Professionals who understand project dynamics take up an active role within your operations unit. Very hands-on. Oxygen insurance consultants can bring extra input, signal bottlenecks and fix problems great and small. As such, they become change agents.


We engage various profiles from junior to manager in a wide array of disciplines: production and damage claims in life insurance, non-life insurance, and healthcare, both for end customers and businesses.

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Hyper Automation Services

At Oxygen Hyper Automation Services, we combine our deep business knowledge of insurance with the power of new technology. With this we solve complex challenges of the industry in a generic way: end-to-end automation offered as a service.

As an insurer, broker or TPA, you will make significant efficiency improvements, your clients will be helped faster and more accurately and your employees will be able to focus more on added value for the client.

Our offer

Technologies we deploy

We follow technological evolutions closely and work on a daily basis with tech partners with proven case studies. The synergy between the two leads to very powerful solutions.

Used technologies:

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Kristof (Business Solutions)

As a partner for talent and a solution for projects,
we provide you with oxygen.

Discover our unique approach

Expertise: we have a single focus on insurance

Insurance is in our DNA. We breathe insurance and understand your business. Oxygen has the necessary expertise and experience to offer solutions to your challenges.

Hands–on and no-nonsense approach: we observe, think, act and embed

Your challenges are ours. We observe and investigate to thoroughly understand your situation. Together, we define the way to go. Our project consultants are hands-on and 100% committed to your success. Insourcing from our consultants brings extra oxygen to your departments.


Together: we work among you, not next to you

We always work as one team: you, the consultants and the Oxygen home base. Through mentoring and regular feedback sessions, we follow the progress in your assignments. As your sparring partner, we keep the teams focused on the main goal.

Tailored: we offer a customized solution

Each insurance activity or department has its own challenges and way of working. In order to provide a suitable answer, we are organised into different service lines. Each service line has its own tailored approach to maximise returns.

Talent at work: we provide the fuel for your success

It’s all about people. We believe that passionate people with ambition can make a difference. That is why we invest a lot in our consultants. Personal growth in a high performance culture goes hand in hand with client success. Your success.