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With Oxygen Broker Services, we make your business hyper efficient and more client-oriented. We put our deep business knowledge of insurance to full use through the following activities:

Together with you as an insurance broker, we look for significant efficiency gains. As a result, your customers are served faster and more accurately and your employees can focus even more on adding value for the customer.


Oxygen is erkend dienstverlener KMO-portefeuille

For the “Broker Business Screening” service, Oxygen is certified as a recognized service provider for ‘advice’, which falls within the KMO-portefeuille of the Flemish Government (Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen – VLAIO). 

The advice provided in this service can be fully charged.

Subsidy applications:
The support you receive depends on the size of your company:

  • Small enterprises enjoy 30% support

  • Medium-sized enterprises enjoy 20% support

The maximum support ceiling is 7.500 EUR per year.

If interested, application guidance will be communicated in direct with you or you may find more information on the website of the Agentschap Ondernemen.

Business Screening

A Business Screening involves a complete review of the insurance broker’s core processes. 

We focus on the following 5 areas:

We distinguish two types of Business Screening according to strategy and business needs:

During the Business Screening, we obviously also take into account People & Organization, crucial for the success of the transformation and the success of your office.

Oxygen - Business Screening

"With Oxygen Broker Services, we make your brokerage firm hyper efficient and more client focused."

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