Who we are

The Oxygen DNA

We believe that passionate people can build a sustainable company  with impact for its customers.

The individual growth of our consultants goes hand in hand with the success of our client.

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The way we work

Why we exist

When your risks are covered, you achieve peace of mind. This sense of security is vital. Both for you as an individual, as an organisation or as society at large. It provides a safe environment to develop new initiatives and create value. This is precisely why a thriving insurance sector is so fundamental to a prosperous society.

Oxygen helps insurers & brokers to become

As a partner for talent and a solution for projects,
we provide you with oxygen.

Dirk Vervoort - Oxygen
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“With Oxygen, I strive to build a community of like-minded people who want to co-create a more efficient and transparent insurance sector. If there is one thing I am convinced of, it is that people make the difference.”
Tom Van den Heuvel - Oxygen
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“As a result-driven entrepreneur, I create teams and inspire them to achieve exceptional goals. I believe in commitment and open communication. This creates an atmosphere of trust, with clear objectives and shared responsibilities.”
Kristof Vanuytrecht - Oxygen
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“At Oxygen I find a dynamic and entrepreneurial culture within a group of like-minded professionals and young high potentials, all driven by the idea to transform the insurance sector to more customer centricity and efficiency. The No nonsense and result driven approach we apply here fits perfectly with my personal strengths and values.”
“Our ambition with Oxygen is to be the trusted partner of all players in the insurance industry. We want to help them realize their strategic, financial, and operational ambitions. True to Oxygen’s DNA, I believe that we can transform insurance together with drive, efficiency, and respect.”
“The insurance sector is an exciting space currently undergoing a major transformation. I am keen to help Oxygen to deliver true value to its insurance customers to make change with sustainable impact.”
Dieter Kennes - Oxygen
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Kristel Desmedt - Oxygen
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Jolien Miclotte_Oxygen
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