Who we are

Oxygen’s core beliefs

Knowing that risks are taken care of is vital for the peace of mind of individuals, organizations and society at large. This sense of security allows for a safe environment to develop new ventures and create value across the board, which is why a blossoming insurance industry is so fundamental to a prosperous society.

We want to make the insurance sector:

The Oxygen DNA

We believe that passionate people can build a sustainable company that helps it succeed at giving this peace of mind to its customers. The individual growth of our consultants goes hand in hand with the success of our client. We build this together, with ambition and expertise.

The way we work

As a partner for talent and a solution for projects,
we provide you with oxygen.

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“With Oxygen, I strive to build a community of like-minded people who want to co-create a more efficient and transparent insurance sector. If there is one thing I am convinced of, it is that people make the difference.”
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“As a result-driven entrepreneur, I create teams and inspire them to achieve exceptional goals. I believe in commitment and open communication. This creates an atmosphere of trust, with clear objectives and shared responsibilities.”
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“At Oxygen I find a dynamic and entrepreneurial culture within a group of like-minded professionals and young high potentials, all driven by the idea to transform the insurance sector to more customer centricity and efficiency. The No nonsense and result driven approach we apply here fits perfectly with my personal strengths and values.”
“The insurance sector is an exciting space currently undergoing a major transformation. I am keen to help Oxygen to deliver true value to its insurance customers to make change with sustainable impact.”
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“I strongly believe that delivering projects, deploying changes… is about people. Hence, it is crucial for me to take care of all stakeholders when I’m leading a department or a transformation. I fully recognize this same vision at Oxygen. That is why we have joined forces to support the insurance industry in their transformation to more customer focus and efficiency.”
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“After several years of experience I can safely say I have a passion for efficient automation. I strongly believe this can only br ontbained by keeping the client, the process and the data in mind (in that order). This approach is fully endorsed by Oxygen combined with enthusiasm and positive energy. This, I feel, is where Oxygen makes the difference.”
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“Why do I feel at home at Oxygen? The no-nonsense approach and the strong belief in the fact that a good result starts from “the people”, namely an ambitious team of specialists who work together on a project with a strong end product in mind.”
Miguel Van Herpe
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“For me open communication and a hands-on-mentality are key. That’s why choosing Oxygen was easy. They encourage the fact that I’m driven to keep on learning and improve myself every day. With positive feedback, teamwork and ambition to innovate I believe we can accomplish anything.”
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“What is it what makes Oxygen so appealing for me? The flat structure, the hands-on mentality and the ambitious project that grows from a strong believe in making the industry more efficient.”
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Since I started working in consultancy, I have been looking for professional enrichment and a warm relationship with both my client’s team as my employer’s team. Challenging projects, assignments that give me a great sense of satisfaction and trainings on a regular base, I found it all at Oxygen. Working while loving the job and contribute to a higher goal with the team, reminds me of a quote of Confucius: ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.'”
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“After some experience in consulting and insurance, I came into contact with Oxygen. A group of ambitious professionals who want to support the insurance sector in these challenging and fast-moving times of innovation and disruption. I’m convinced that I can provide an added value to the mission of Oxygen, and by extent, the insurance sector. I highly value the constructive and open culture of communication and co-operation.”
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“Oxygen distinguishes itself by investing in its employees, which is an added value for both the customer and the employee. In addition, Oxygen wants to play a leading role in the transformation of the insurance industry, which has to adapt to changing circumstances through automation / digitization. This without losing sight of the human character inherent to the sector.”
“I have already held various management positions within the insurance sector, as well in front as back office. As a project manager I focus on: process improvement, performance and increasing customer focus and this always with a lot of attention for the people in the organisation. The ambition of Oxygen to transform insurance to a more efficient and more customer centric sector, fits perfectly with my personal strengths and goals.”
“From the very first moment at Oxygen I got to know the family-like work environment together with a team of great and passionate colleagues. Smooth and transparent communication among other things makes Oxygen a unique employer where I felt at home from day one. ”
“People make the difference and this vision is strongly present at Oxygen. Our leadership team give us the confidence to take responsibility and grow personally. This always gives me energy to bring a project to a successful conclusion.”
“I was introduced to Oxygen by a colleague who was full of praise for them. What immediately struck me was that I was dealing with people who know what they are talking about, who already have a lot of experience in insurance. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised by the personal contact and genuine interest. Due to their many contacts in the insurance world, they were able to find a perfect match for me.”
“Oxygen’s ambition as a consulting firm to be a reliable, non-nonsense partner when it comes to improve efficiency and customer focus goes hand in hand with exciting assignments that appeal strongly to me. While we, as a team of experienced professionals, take on the challenge of transforming the insurance sector, I am learning and growing as a person every day.”
“Oxygen’s approach and motivation to transform the insurance industry into a better integrated and automated whole convinced me to make the switch. Being part of this and developing myself further as a project consultant is a big opportunity for me!”
“I strongly believe that the vision and core beliefs of Oxygen makes them unique and different from other players in the market. I’m looking forward to achieve success together and transform the insurance industry!”
“It is always a goal for me to progress in every phase of my life and this in all its facets. At Oxygen I am taking the necessary professional steps to continue to evolve and grow.”
“It was quickly clear to me that Oxygen does not only provide oxygen to the insurance industry, but also to its employees. I still experience this through the good support I receive from the team!”  
“I started at Oxygen as one of the first young graduates. Right from the start of this program, the training from experienced and passionate colleagues made me eager to participate in Oxygen’s ambitious goal of transforming the insurance industry.”
“Oxygen’s company culture, guidance and mindset convinced me to take this step. It is motivating as a young graduate to be guided so well by cool and experienced colleagues.”
“Because of my studies in digitalisation and process optimisation, there was an immediate connection with Oxygen. Their goal to transform the insurance sector convinced me to become part of this team. I would love to work with them to get the best out of this exciting sector!”
“I chose Oxygen because here I can specialise in everything the insurance world has to offer. As someone who always wants to learn, the opportunities I get at Oxygen are a very nice next step in my career!”
“Oxygen’s vision of getting the full potential out of the insurance industry, as well as its employees, convinced me to choose Oxygen. Through the young graduates program, I have the unique opportunity to immediately get to know the industry and grow towards challenging roles and projects.”
“At Oxygen everything feels like “coming home”. I found people here with the same positive attitude, who have the best interests of the client (internal & external) at heart, who don’t shy away from a challenge and who also meet it with great enthusiasm. Say what you do and do what you say. That’s absolutely how it feels working at Oxygen.”