Learn & Grow @ Oxygen

L&G @ Oxygen

At Oxygen, we apply the “learn & grow” approach.

We are invariably convinced that Oxygen’s growth can only go hand in hand with the growth of our consultants. Consultants who are open to change & always willing to learn are more efficient, goal-oriented, constantly evolving, up-to-date with the latest trends, feel happier and are more self-aware. All qualities that are very much appreciated both internally and by our clients.

One can follow various learning paths at Oxygen. These are validated at the end with a nice diploma, a drink and the congratulations of the jury 🎓 👏
As a present and symbolic sign of the “growth” one has experienced, they also receive a beautiful plant 🌱 (Thank you DE STEK Mechelen).

We are very proud that last week we were able to honour no fewer than 7 colleagues for graduating in “Change Management” or “Business Analysis”. Stunning. We are proud of you guys!

Congratulations to: KarenLauraLukasSebastiaanGianniMiguel & Jessica (who couldn’t be there unfortunately)!!!

Other news




Brexit and the coming war for talent in Brussels

One of the Brexit’s potential fallout pieces is the City of London taking a significant hit in terms of financial firms’ presence there. While the Brexit process remains unfinished, its aftershocks will keep reverberating in the years to come. Further digitalization, efficiency gains and customer centricity are key to the potential success of the finance world in Brussels to attract both British companies and local talent.




Getting results-oriented teamwork right

A decade ago, the results-only or results-oriented work environment (ROWE) began making waves in HR departments. Its core principle is to judge people on results rather than hours worked. Results-oriented teamwork is a little different and somewhat more complex, but its goal is similar – to create a work environment that lets people excel instead of getting them bogged down in procedure, politics and activities that don’t advance the organization in any meaningful way.




Oxygen dans la presse – “Smart automation with databots”

Découvrez comment nous automatisons les processus d'assurance dans cet intéressant double entretien avec Kristof Vanuytrecht (Lead Business Solutions @Oxygen) et Johan Van den Bulck (CEO @TeRoCo). "Slim automatiseren met bots - De verzekeringswereld" (uniquement en néerlandais)