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Digitalization, changing legislation, high customer expectations and more demands for efficiency are all exerting pressure on the insurance world. Do these challenges sound familiar to you? Then we have good news, because we happen to specialize in tackling these issues. Our specialists boast a combined expertise of decades in insurance, IT and consultancy to give your company the oxygen it needs.

We provide long-term, future-proof solutions and we are also continually on the lookout for new talent to join us. Oxygen is unique due to its single focus on the insurance world, and our people are among the most qualified consultants around.

Why work with Oxygen?

5 good reasons why

Expertise: we have a single focus on insurance

Hands–on and no-nonsense approach: we observe, think, act and embed

Together: we work among you, not next to you

Tailored: each insurance activity or department has its own challenges and way of working. In order to provide a suitable answer, we are organised into different service lines. Each service line has its own tailored approach to maximise returns.

Talent at work: we provide the fuel for your success

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Working @ Oxygen

Would you like to help build the insurance sector of tomorrow?

Do you dream of a team where working together is the norm and where you are given the space to develop yourself?

Discover here what working at Oxygen means, who the Oxygen staff are and how they experience it.

Oxygen, why we exist

Knowing that risks are taken care of is vital for the peace of mind of individuals, organizations and society at large. This sense of security allows for a safe environment to develop new ventures and create value across the board, which is why a blossoming insurance industry is so fundamental to a prosperous society.

Oxygen allows insurers and brokers to become

This enables you to become better prepared for a constantly changing business and technology field and get ahead of the curve. We manage and execute projects in IT, management as well as process optimization, all according to proven and innovative industry methods.