Oxygen wishes you a happy newyear!

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The lean method

Become the best team you can be: the lean method. Popularized in the late ‘80s and the early ‘90s, the ‘lean’ method of work organization prioritizes independence, efficiency and decluttering. In recent years, it has also gained a foothold in the finance sector, which is a traditionally more conservative industry




Oxygen in the press – “The offer you can’t refuse”

If you missed our Oxygen webinar “The offer you can’t refuse” by Steven Van Belleghem, don’t worry! A great summary was published in the magazine “De Verzekeringswereld” / “Monde de l’assurance”.




Brexit and the coming war for talent in Brussels

One of the Brexit’s potential fallout pieces is the City of London taking a significant hit in terms of financial firms’ presence there. While the Brexit process remains unfinished, its aftershocks will keep reverberating in the years to come. Further digitalization, efficiency gains and customer centricity are key to the potential success of the finance world in Brussels to attract both British companies and local talent.